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More Bush Breakfast Photos

This morning's breakfast menu: bush breakfast

We all got to make our own jaffles this morning and there were lots of different types of fillings for us to choose from. We could also have cereal, yogurt and fruit if we wanted to. Now it's time to wash our own dishes before getting ready to head out on our day exploring!

Postcard from Abi & Maggie:

Camp is awesome! The toasties were really good but mine was a bit burnt.

The pool was soooooooo much fun, they had a heated pool - it was warm. They had an awesome wipeout.

We've had lots of bus trips. The dessert is yummy. Everyone is tired... well some of us.

We're off to find gold. They give us a lot of food to fill us up. The sleeping spray works well. Mt Charlotte is cool!

That's all from us, from Abi & Maggie

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