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Walk About Town

  • sunscreen - tick

  • water bottle - tick

  • hat - tick

  • booklet - tick

  • pencils - tick

We're ready to go!

Paddy Hannon - the original Kalgoorlie prospector

Paddy Hannon discovered the first gold in Kalgoorlie 125 years and 17 days ago.

The town hall is 110 years old today.

Paddy is holding gold and a water bottle - the two most famous things in Kalgoorlie.

The foyer of the town hall

This is the stage where Dame Nellie Melba performed on when she came to Kalgoorlie in 1914.

In it's height, Kalgoorlie was one of Australia's most wealthy towns. Very famous people came to town to put on shows and the town hall hosted these shows.

Our students experimented with the acoustics of the room which was designed to use no microphones.

The curtain is made of velvet and silk.

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