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And They’re Off!!

A little blurry eyed but up and raring to go...

They managed to get on the road this morning before 4:50am.

Well done Mums, Dads, teachers and students. Wishing them a great week learning, laughing and making memories.

Diary entry from Mr Bailey: Monday 5:07am - Half way to Broomehill

Sitting at the back of the bus, I can see the rows of heads swaying back and forth together as the coach gently rolls side to side. The initial excitement of embarking is behind us. Many children are plugged into the blue glow of their screens, a few have their eyes closed, and a couple near the front are talking quietly, punctuated by Mrs Beeck's laugh.

The only noise near the back of the coach is the rumble of the big diesel and a squeaking luggage rack that Mr Goodall has tried to fix twice.

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