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COVID Information for Parents

Like all the government responses to COVID we’ve been through over the last couple of years, things will change along the way. As they do, we’ll do our best to keep everyone safe and well, continue students’ learning as best we can, and to keep you informed. This information is based on the current (as of 15/3/22) “Very High Caseload Settings”.

School COVID Guidelines

When there’s a case in our school community

  • When a staff member, student, parent or visitor has a positive test, hopefully they’ll let us know directly.

  • If the positive case is someone who has been at the school, we’ll get a message out to anyone who might need to stay away from school, then we’ll work through the Health guidelines to determine if there’s any official close contacts from school.

  • It could be that some staff and students may be required to isolate, a whole class, or a few classes. More likely there will just be a number of “school based close contacts” who are allowed to come to school while they are symptom free.

If your child has symptoms or has been at a high-risk exposure site

  • If they have a fever OR recent history of fever (e.g. night sweats, chills) OR new respiratory symptoms (including cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose) OR loss of smell or taste OR gastro symptoms such as diarrhoea

  • Let us know

  • Get a test, a RAT is okay, but currently a PCR test (conducted at the Gnowangerup Hospital) is preferred. Your child needs to isolate while waiting for the result.

If your child is positive

  • Let the school know as soon as possible by telephoning the office during work hours, or after-hours, text 0448 976 614, email, or call the school COVID “hotline” 9827 3303 (diverts to Ian’s mobile, also use this for after-hours questions).

  • If your child is unwell, Google “WA COVID Care at Home” and follow the advice.

  • Let us know how things are going. If your child is well enough to do some work we’ll provide some.

  • We’re hearing from other schools that some parents in this situation feel guilty – don’t be. It’s a very infectious disease, and eventually most Gnowangerup children will catch it. In fact, we’re grateful that you’ve done the right thing and gotten tested!

  • We’ll provide some Health Department information you’ll need.

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