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Kalgoorlie Camp Day 2

First things first... Breakfast! Two courses, just as we have at home every day!!

Then we had dorm inspections... the boys didn't do so well but insisted it was clean! Here are some photos of the boys heading down to inspect the girls dorms. Mr Goodall thought they should see what tidy dorms REALLY looked like!

Off to Kalgoorlie Boulder Tourist Centre. We have a guide explaining all about the early gold miners.

Next stop, the town hall. Three students tried out the acoustics of this amazing building. Sadly they chose to sing Old MacDonald - not their best selection given their choral backgrounds! The sound was incredible however. Perhaps we should bring the choir here one day...

Look who's running Kalgoorlie...

Kalgoorlie Boulder Museum

The camp site is a replica of the kind of living conditions the early gold miners (such as Paddy Hannon) would have lived in. He arrived in Kalgoorlie in June 1893 - pretty chilly.

On Miss Risborough's group's tour of the museum, we were able to look inside one of the original houses built in Kalgoorlie. We had to investigate the houses and identify objects, Miss Risborough found the outhouse :)

On to the Super Pit

We learnt today that half of the gold that comes out of this big hole goes into making jewellery. "woohoo" says Mrs O'Keefee :)

Mount Charlotte

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